Best Life Insurance for Seniors

Best Life Insurance helps Seniors protect their families from a financial hardship. We specialize in Whole Life Insurance plans that are guaranteed for your whole life. Contrary to term plans or employer provided life insurance you had in the past, Whole Life Insurance is intended to last for your whole life. This means it cannot be canceled and rates are NEVER increased as long as payments are made on time. This is a simple, convenient way to protect your family with the BEST life insurance you can get. 

Get the BEST Life Insurance for your BEST- your family- it’s the WHY behind it all…

Family First-

Life Insurance is not for you, it’s really for your family.  That’s the WHY behind everything Best Life Insurance stands for- Family.  We want to help you protect your family through what life insurance can offer. Whether you want to pay for funeral expenses, leave a monetary gift, or simply make sure debts and fees are paid, Best Life Insurance can help you find the perfect Simple Life Insurance for Seniors to give you and your family peace of mind.

Steps to getting the BEST Life Insurance for your family-

Step One-

Simple Application- Quick and Easy.  There are two ways to apply. Call us at 800-517-5131 or click for a free quote and proceed to the online application. The application is quick with a few questions along with a short list of YES and NO health questions. 

Step Two- 

Best Life Insurance compares over 25 companies for you to secure you the BEST plan at the BEST rates.  Regardless of your health history, we can get you approval if you are between the ages of 50-85 years old. 


Step Three-

Choose the plan that fits your needs. For over 90% of our applicants, coverage goes into effect immediately- DAY ONE coverage and immediate peace of mind.  For those with more serious health issues, less than 10% of applicants, approval is guaranteed but there may be a short waiting period for the plan to take effect. 

Choosing your plan amount

Best Life Insurance not only places our clients with the companies that will get them the best plan at the best price- we also specialize in helping you determine how much life insurance will meet your unique needs.  

Choosing end of life arrangements is a personal decision.  Whether you prefer burial or cremation, a big celebration of life or a quiet ceremony, an ornate casket or a simple urn- these choices all help determine how much life insurance is right for you. 

Along with the end of life details, there are other considerations for how much life insurance you need. Your plan amount can also include money to pay off debts you may owe, final legal fees, or medical bills.  Paying a vehicle off is another good use of your life insurance so that a family member can benefit from your car rather than it going back to the lender. 

Finally, many seniors want to gift their grandchildren with a monetary gift that might go towards college tuition or a first home. This gift amount can be included in your life insurance plan as well. 

Best Life Insurance can help you with life insurance plans ranging from $5000-$50,000 so we can fit the plan to your exact needs. 

Is everyone approved?

YES, YES, YES!  All Seniors between the ages of 50-85 are automatically approved.  Best Life Insurance can help because we are able to take your age and health background and place you with the company that will give you the highest plan amount at the lowest monthly rates. 

Over 90% of our applicants are approved for immediate coverage at the best prices. However, there are some seniors who have experienced serious medical issues such as recent surgeries, currently battling cancer, or using oxygen which means immediate coverage isn’t available. 

The good news is that in spite of critical health issues, you can still be automatically approved, no health questions asked. If you aren’t eligible for immediate coverage, GUARANTEED ISSUE plans are an option.  These plans have a two year waiting period but everything about them is the same as any other plan- you can’t be cancelled and rates are guaranteed.  Also, if death in the first two years is accidental, the death benefit is PAID IN FULL.  If death occurs in the first two years for other reasons, the premiums are refunded back plus 10% interest.  So your money is protected during that two year waiting period. 

Why BEST Life Insurance?

Best Life Insurance is the BEST for your needs because we are looking out for our customers. We know exactly which company will give you the best plan.  For example, one client might have COPD and if you apply with most companies, that is an automatic decline.  However, Best Life Insurance works with a few companies who do not penalize for having COPD and can get you DAY ONE coverage.  Without this knowledge and research, some seniors end up paying too much or with an unnecessary waiting period. With Best Life Insurance, you will always get the BEST possible option for you and your family. 


Don’t WAIT-

If you are still thinking- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?   It is too easy to procrastinate when it comes to life insurance because no one wants to think about dying.  Unfortunately, it’s inevitable for us all and the last thing you want is something unexpected to happen that leaves your family unprotected or causes you to have fewer options for your plans due to a sudden  change in health history.  Click INSTANT QUOTE to get started and let us get the BEST for your BEST…