Tips for Finding the Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 60

best life insurance for seniors over 60

Buying life insurance can be overwhelming let alone finding the best life insurance for seniors over 60. How much do you need?  Where do you get it? How does it work? Answers to these questions and more are right here are your fingertips.  Here are some tips for how to find the best life insurance for seniors over 60. 

TIP LIST for the best life insurance for seniors over 60

Tip 1 

Remember the old phrase- let your fingers do the walking?  In the past we would use the yellow pages to find companies and people who could help us with our business needs. Now, we use the internet.  That is helpful but also results in millions of options for everything you look up.  That is why a broker is helpful when it comes to finding the best life insurance for seniors over 60.  A licensed insurance broker acts as a comparison service because they work with so many life insurance companies.  They save your fingers all that walking time and can get you results in minutes for what it would take hours and even days for you to research on your own.  Best Life Insurance has brokers who can get you quotes in minutes. 

Tip 2

Determine how much Final Expense Life Insurance you might need.  This is important because as you enter your twilight years, the most important part of your life insurance plan at this age is knowing it will pay for your end of life expenses to protect your family financially from having to pay out of pocket.  Types of life insurance clients over 60 need are typically whole life insurance plans such as burial insurance, final expense life insurance, cremation insurance, and guaranteed whole life final expense insurance.  All of these types of plans are specifically designed to pay for end of life expenses and are all types of whole life insurance. 


Why Whole Life Insurance?

  • It never expires- it is good for your WHOLE LIFE
  • Payments never increase
  • Cannot be cancelled due to aging or health problems
  • Simple application and approval

Tip 3

Allow for inflation- Once you talk over with your family whether you prefer burial or cremation and add up any remaining expenses you would like included in your final expense life insurance plan, now you need to consider your age and life expectancy.  If you need about $10,000 today in your 60’s, imagine that amount will increase by the time you pass away.  You don’t want to find the best life insurance for seniors over 60 and lose sight of the fact that you will hopefully be in your 70’s or 80’s before the money is needed.  This means budgeting extra so that your family is protected against the financial burden of paying your final expenses. The other reason is that the prices in your 60’s are much lower than when you get older so you can budget more today than you can by adding on later if you realize you don’t have enough insurance.  The younger you get the burial plan in place the more likely you are able to get burial insurance with no waiting period. 

Tip 4

DO NOT WAIT….  No one wants to think about dying but it is inevitable. You are officially in your senior years and finding the best life insurance for seniors over 60 means the time is now to find your plan.  Rates are best when you are younger, health problems can’t be predicted, and no one wants to be remembered for leaving behind a financial burden due to not having life insurance. Make it work with your budget and act now.  The premium is guaranteed NEVER to be raised in your entire life so once you get this in your budget, you can rest assured knowing your family is protected.  Often burial insurance for seniors over 70 means higher rates and even a waiting period. 

Best life insurance for seniors over 60- Steps to Apply

1- Get a final expense insurance quote or call 800-517-5131

2- Our brokers can help you with how much you need and answer any questions

3-  The application takes just minutes and approval can be instant up to about 24 hours. 

You deserve the BEST-  your family deserves the BEST-  finding the best life insurance for seniors over 60 starts NOW.